Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Our new routine

Tuesday, 15 September 2009
Well it's day two of our new family routine and we're doing okay. I can get Lia to school and arrive at work with around 2 mins to spare and have enough time to park at home and walk round to collect her from school in the afternoon.

It's about a 10 minute walk to school from our house - 15 if Lia is involved - so it's nice for me to be able to walk and pick her up. It'll also be nice as there's a girl in her class who lives near us so we can walk home together.

I've settled down to part time hours very quickly although it was strange being home at 3.30pm - yesterday I was wandering around counting down the time till I needed to start dinner - I'm used to it being such a rush LOL. Today Lia is attending and after school club (skipping club) so I don't need to pick her up until an hour later than normal time which means I'll have an extra hour at home to amuse myself. Which probably means I will do nothing but procrastinate about how best to spend my time...

I've started networking with the other Mums. It's weird, we've lived in our town for 11 years now but neither of us has ever actually worked there so we've not built up a network of local friends. School is now an opportunity for us to do just that - Lia makes friends and we make friends. It also means I've got other Mums who can help out by picking up / dropping off if there is an emergency which is fantastic.

Lia's social calendar has already trebled in size with all the stuff for school plus ballet lessons and Greek school and I imagine once play dates and parties start happening she'll be busier than the pair of us put together.

So it's all ticking over nicely at the moment. I'm getting plenty of stitching in, although not a lot of quilting, so my WIP killing is coming along nicely. I have stopped stitching at work though as even though I have a 30 min lunch break it seems like I'm skiving if I sit and stitch given my day is so short.


Kathy A. said...

Sounds like this new routine works well for everyone. How exciting for Lia to be at a school where so many opportunities are offered.
Enjoy the shortened hours - more stitching time!!

Erin said...

I'm glad things are going well!


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