Friday, 16 October 2009

The Lurgy

Friday, 16 October 2009
Ugh, just as my energy levels started increasing and my mojo returned I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy! Typical.

I left work on Monday and am only just back in the office now but I am feeling much better which is the main thing. I spent a lot of the last three days lying on the sofa watching Create and Craft on the TV (but was so unwell I didn't order ANYTHING! LOL)

DH was home for a couple of days too as he had the same thing - thankfully Lia was fine and at school so we could drop her off and have some time being pathetic without having to entertain a four year old.

Other than that, everything is okay - I'm 14 and a half weeks now and all seems to be okay (I hate this stage when you can't feel the baby yet and just have to trust that it's growning and all okay). I did think I could feel some flutterings last night but I'm not sure if that's wishful thinking or not as it's still early yet, even for a second pregnancy.

I did go to Ally Pally and I did get lots of lovely new stash but haven't taken any pictures as yet due to the lurgy. This weekend we're off to Kent for a flying visit around the family - we'll be meeting my new Great Niece (who will be two whole weeks old!) and seeing my Nephew who is going to be 1 in less than a month (gosh how time flies). Sunday we have a plan to meet friends at Legoland as long as the weather is nice (I've done it once in the rain and don't fancy it again with three under fives).

In other news Lia got a good report from school - she's in the top group in the class for phonics and the teacher says she has settled in really well and has made lots of friends. Drawing and painting are her two favourite things (they always have been) and this top group are doing writing as well as reading which is cool. Oh and she's really good with her numbers. So all in all a great start - I'm not under any illusions that she'll be joining mensa any time soon but I'm happy to know that she is coping and thriving at school - it certainly makes parenting easier.



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