Sunday, 4 October 2009


Sunday, 4 October 2009
Thanks for all your congratulations, they are much appreciated.

Sharon, in answer to your comment re will we find out the flavour of the baby, yes we will. We found out when we were having Lia and I will have around five or six scans after the time they are able to tell you so we should be pretty sure. With Lia we had five different sonographers tell us it was a girl so we figured we were okay to go with pink stuff.

The main reason for finding out for me is that DH and I have to have a huge name discussion should this be a boy. If it's a girl we've pretty much got the name chosen and have had for about three years but a boy will be much more of an issue.

As you probably know DH is Greek and the tradition there is to name after the Grandfather. I have a problem with this because I don't like 'juniors', I think that a child should have it's own name and it's own identity and in my family we have always given a middle name as a 'family' name and first names are whatever name we like. In fact, judging by my mates this is pretty much the tradition in the UK.

So for that reason I don't want a child named after my father-in-law. Any more than I wanted Lia named after my mother-in-law - she has my MIL's name as a middle name and there are certain members of the family who still insist on calling her 'Little Zoe' rather than Lia or her full first name. Believe me that was a tough battle on my part - I see the fact that 1) I am prepared to choose a Greek name and 2) I am prepared to not insist on naming the child from my side enough of a compromise that DH has to accept the middle name option as his compromise.

However, there is also another reason why I don't want my child named after my father-in-law and that is because his name is Achilles. Now I guess some of you out there are going 'and? What's wrong with that?' and to you I say, go ahead, feel free to name your child after my father-in-law, just don't expect me to.

I just don't like the name.

I also don't think it'd be very fair to give a kid that name and send it to school. It's not like I grew up thinking 'one day I'll have a son and I'll call him Achilles'... If I remember correctly it was going to be Michael, Peter and Connor.

I think DH has agreed that Achilles will be the middle name but the bigger battle now is getting him to agree on any other name as a first name. Everything I've tried has had a negative response so we've put all discussions on hold till we know that we need to have them. And trust me, I'd much rather have that discussion part way through the pregnancy than in the delivery room LOL.


tintocktap said...

Wow - you mean your DH is really prepared to think ahead? LOL I had the delivery room conversation both times! Fortunately neither was contentious and I got my way both times! And, btw, both my kids have my DH's parents names as middle names!


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