Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Social Life? Where did that come from?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009
I was chatting to a mate yesterday about meeting up and we were trying to find a mutually convenient date between now and Christmas with no luck - it seems that apart from about three odd weekend days I am totally booked up between now and 2010!

I'm not quite sure how it's happened but I suddenly seem to have a million and one social engagements. It's not like I'm usually Mrs Grumpy who doesn't see anyone, we are generally busy two or three weekends a month, but now it seems that there's been a scramble to fit in seeing everybody we know! I guess it's that time of year when you start to feel you should catch up with people and also having added another five couples to our social circle now school is part of the equation hasn't helped. Oh and school functions themselves have added several notes onto the calendar.

In a way I'm really pleased life is so busy because it means the weeks will fly by between now and Christmas which is, in my head at least, a significant date for my pregnancy - I'll be over half way and all the testing things will have been done. Christmas will be spent with my family and then we can start really getting things ready for the new arrival in the New Year. There isn't a lot to do, a coat of paint or two in the baby's room, sorting out all our old baby stuff and working out what we need so there'll be plenty of time.

So tomorrow I'm hosting a play date for five other parents and eight more kids (eek!) and then Friday we're off to dinner at one of the other parents places. Saturday is the stitching show at Ally Pally (I'm so hoping new stash will really kick start my mojo!) and then Sunday it's off to Hertfordshire for lunch with friends.

In other news, I'm a Great Aunt again as my niece had her second little girl on Saturday evening - only a 1hr 40 min labour (the cow!) and all are doing just fine. This means that our baby is almost certainly the last member of the next generation of the family. My bro and his wife are stopping at one, my elder niece is now stopping at two, I certainly won't have any more and my younger niece is adamant she won't have any (she does have two step kids). It's kind of funny that my two will be the oldest and the youngest of that little bunch, certainly not what I imagined. Still, they are all aged within five years so they should all get on - the family are all hoping I have a boy though as we have a 3 to 1 ratio of girls to boys at the moment so it'd be nice to even it up.


Kathy A. said...

Enjoy the social whirl! It is fun ot be included in things. Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well.


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