Friday, 6 May 2011

Some Christening pics

Friday, 6 May 2011
Well I know it's been almost a week since the big day and I haven't mentioned it here but this week has been filled with guests, gifts, cards, tidying, cleaning and getting back into the school/work routine.  I'm only just feeling focussed on the here and now again - also Connor has been teething this week which has meant my usual sunny little man has been a bit of a grump who wants cuddles.

So the big party.  It was absolutely fabulous - the sun shone on us and all the guests showed up (with 30 kids invited its was an achievement to have them all healthy LOL).  The service was lovely although it did drag on a bit as the Priest insisted on doing it in both Greek and English so it took twice as long.  Because the church has a sunday school there was a kiddie play area so the mass of under 6's kept themselves entertained there.

Connor was a superstar.  He only complained when he was stripped, oiled and dunked and, to be fair, I think most people would do the same LOL.

After the Christening we all went off to a localish pub where I had arranged an entertainer and face painter.  Unfortunately due to the fact the service took so long we only got 30 mins of the entertainer and he got his full 2 hr fee!!!  Still, the kids loved him and it distracted them long enough for adults to get drinks and cake and settled into seats, etc.  The BBQ meal was amazing - fantastic food and everyone was most complimentary - those that stayed over said the breakfast was amazing too.

The facepainter was fantastic - I'd booked her for three hours with the option to extend that if it was popular and she was there for five hours before I called a halt and let her go (I did feed her).  All the girls had face and arms done and some of the boys had monsters (most of the boys were under 3 so a little too small to sit still for that long!)  Then I got mine done as a masquerade mask which meant the rest of the adults felt they could too so there was a very long queue!

The only minor disappointment was that I didn't really dance but this was due to me wanting to spend as much time as I could talking to friends so I can't really complain.

Here are a few pics from the Christening itself - I don't have any from later on at the party as I didn't take any so I'm waiting to see if anyone else did LOL

Connor not knowing what's coming

Post dunking

Hair being cut.  For info the guy in the glasses is the Nonos (Godfather) an that's DH in the corner in the grey shirt.

Getting dressed

Lia holding the candle


Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures. Glad you both enjoyed your special days.


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