Sunday, 8 May 2011

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Sunday, 8 May 2011
Thanks for your comments on the Nayno post - it's nice to know that we're not the only insane parents out there LOL.  You'll be happy to know that Mummy can work miracles and Nayno IV has been accepted without question.  He's slipped into his role like he was born to it and, apart from DH occasionally addressing him with a Mexican accent, it's like nothing has changed.

I should have added that if any of you readers ever come across a Nayno hiding in a shop anywhere out there please, please do purchase it for us as we feel now that we can never have too many - obviously I would fully reimburse you and more.

I finally pulled myself out of my mini stitching slump last night by pulling out a Michael Powell design.  It's nice to be stitching largish blocks of solid colour again - easy on the brain and not too much futtering about checking symbols and threading needles.  Talking of needles, I lost one last night and I still have no idea where it went!  I'd pinned it on my trouser leg whilst getting a new thread and I flicked it with my hand - after that who knows where it went!  DH and I must have spent half an hour searching the floor with eyes, then a magnet and light and finally I gave in and hoovered for fear of one of the kids 'finding' it.  I've never done that before and am still slightly on edge about where it went.

As well as my Michael Powell (Cottage Garden 2) I'm thinking this month should be the month of finishing.  I've got quite a pile of things lying around now that need to be properly finished and I should get on with it - in my 'tidying up' mode getting rid of finishing bits and instructions would help a lot so I'm going to dig a few bits out and decide which looks the least hard LOL.

And finally a quick update on the affair - it's still going strong (despite her telling me it's over) and she has made sure everyone knows the two of us have fallen out.  To the extent that not one person mentioned her absence to me at the Christening.  I've spoken to one of the other school Dads and he says everybody is dying to know what happened but nobody has a clue (or is brave enough to ask me LOL) - he knows all about it because he had pretty much guessed it was going on anyway but now both cheating parties are confiding in him!

The difference between this Dad and I is that 1) he enjoyed a minor flirtation with cheating wife although she knocked him back when he tried to take it further and 2) he cheated on his first wife, so they know he can't judge them and they think he's a safe pair of hands for their secret.  What they haven't considered is that 1) he didn't take the knock back that well and 2) all he's interested in is 'the game' and he'll play it his own way - I wouldn't trust him not to drop hints whenever he can...

On the surface at least it's not causing me any hassle - everyone is still being friendly with us - but it does appear that Lia is not welcome at cheating wife's house any more.  This is not unexpected but given the two girls are best friends it's a bit harsh - I did try and say that we shouldn't let it effect the kids but obviously that's not how it's going to be.  Lia hasn't noticed particularly yet but I'm sure she will and I hope when that time comes I have some idea of how to handle it.

So the saga continues...



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