Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reading plans

Saturday, 7 January 2012
I kind of lost track of the number of books I read last year but I think it was around 40.  I've decided this year to keep a rolling blog post going with all the books listed as I got bored of scrabbling around trying to find titles and counts last year.

Books for me are the same as stitching and quilting when it comes to stash - I estimate I have around 200 piled up in my wardrobe waiting to be read so I am determined to be good and reduce that number rather than buy more.  I think I'll give myself a limit of 1 new book for every 25 I read as I'm not sure I can cope without buying any books at all but in the spirit of WIPocalypse I need to reduce the piles.

So my first finish of the year was last night and it was The Magic of Christmas by Trisha Ashley.  It was a good read, a nice light chic lit type of book perfect for the season and very charming and moreish.  I'm contemplating reading her 'Twelve Days of Christmas' next as I'm not quite devoid of the Christmas spirit yet but that may change after the postman has been today as I'm waiting for my next Aunt Dimity book to arrive.  I'm definitely addicted to these stories and have three in my 'to read' pile but the one I'm waiting for preceeds them in chronological order and I'm way too OCD to read out of order LOL. 


My Life In Stitches said...

I used to have the same problem. I love to buy book, way to impatient to use the library. As I don't really like to reread books I now gift them to pepper or leave them in public places. So I don't feel guilty when I buy a book. And really I /we deserve it! Have a great day. Darlene

Lesleyanne said...

You need a kindle lol. I have read Twelve Days and the Magic of Christmas and enjoyed them both. I like chick lit, nothing too heavy or thought provoking for me I'm afraid.

geeky Heather said...

Have you thought about joining goodreads? You can track what books you've read and when, and there is even a yearly "challenge" that will easily show how many you've read in a year. Not to mention that my "to read" list has grown a bunch by following friends on there!

Ziggyeor said...

I tried the good reads thing last year but I don't get back on there to log it. Maybe the blog thing will be a good thing for me too. I'm going to get books from the library and only buy graphic novels from my friend. There's a website out there that can figure out how much you save by using the library so I figure for every 10 bux I save I'll donate a dime. :)


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