Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Adjusting my priorities

Tuesday, 28 August 2012
So my silence has been pretty much deafening for most of this year other than my WIPocalypse posts - so much so that I'm surprised I still have readers prepared to comment on my intermittent posts.

I haven't spent too much time analysing my absence as I'm pretty sure I just needed a break from talking about me as I didn't have much going on.  Well, that's not stricly true as I've been home since February being a full time Mum so there was a lot going on, just not a lot that was really interesting LOL.

What's changed now is that I'm about to embark on a new job that is a totally different direction for me.  In my previous existence I built websites and wasn't at all happy in my work but in a weeks time I will be a Teaching Assistant in a class of 30 6 - 7 year olds!

I'll admit to being a little nervous as the last time I was in a school classroom was 23 years ago as a pupil so my learning curve is going to be extremely steep but I am so looking forward to feeling like I'm achieving something and doing something worthwhile.  I certainly didn't expect this kind of change at this time in my life but thanks to an amazing friend who has faith in my, as yet untested, abilities I have an opportunity too good to pass by.

It does mean money will be ridiculously tight over then next 12 months as my salary won't cover Connor's nursery fees so what's left of my redundancy money will have to be used for the difference.  I'll also be seriously stripping out my stash piles and selling off some stuff and we're already looking at other things we have to sell as well such as baby stuff we've just stored instead of getting rid of despite knowing there will not be another addition to the family.

That's not such a bad thing though as an adjustment in how we spend money and on what will be good for all of us.

So this is my fresh start in all things and while I can't promise I'll post daily from now on I know that I'll post more regularly.


Anonymous said...


Your blog is lovely.
Congrats on your new job, I hope you will really enjoy it.

Love your birds wip, it's so colourful!

Sally x

stitcheranon said...

Good luck!!! xxxxx

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck in your new job.

Shebafudge said...

Congratulations on your new job. I am a TA and love it! I fell into it by accident through helping out in my daughter's reception class. Despite the fact it is hard work and challenging at times, I wouldn't change it for the world. I really hope you enjoy it.

Mad about Craft said...

Good luck!!

I hope the job outstrips all your expectations.

Erin said...

I'm sure you will be wonderful!

Anne said...

I was just wondering if you completed the Dear Santa afghan. I am working on mine between other things I'm stitching, and am on the third last design of it. :) It's on my blog at http://stitchnkey.blogspot.ca/ if you'd like to see where I'm at. Its a few posts down but I think on the first page. Anyway, would love to know how your afghan turned out. :)

Anne said...

I love all your wonderful stitching and so I also wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the Liebster Award for having such a nice blog. Please go to my blog to copy the Award and you can put it in a post on your blog. I just received this award the other day. :) I know you are a busy person so hope you get to read this!! :)


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