Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Bad Mummy Day

Tuesday, 8 April 2008
Lia didn't want to go to nursery today. This meant the day started with whining which quickly moved up to tears and then finally screams. All before 8am.

The result being a snotty, tearful child being left at nursery and me sitting at work with a blinding headache and feeling like a bad Mum.

This isn't a play for sympathy, I know that by now she'll have totally forgotten her angst and she'll be enjoying herself and I've just taken some painkillers so the headache will go soon. The lingering 'bad mummy' feeling will probably stay for a lot of the day but when I pick up my happy child this evening that will go too.

It's just that some days start badly you know?

And no, I don't have any regrets about her attending nursery, I'd be a much worse Mummy if I was at home with her 24/7. I know that nursery is a subject that people have strong views about but it works for me and it works for Lia. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times she's created like she did this morning about going, generally she loves it and she gets much more activities and company than she would if we were at home.

The time I have at home with her is more precious too which means we both benefit.

Anyway, the up side of today is that I've just posted two cheques, one for the balance due for our holiday in Devon at the end of June and one for the balance for the Stitchers Weekend GTG at the beginning of June, both of which I am looking forward to immensely.

I've also sent confirmation to the gardener that we'll accept his quote for clearing our mess, removing three tree stumps, levelling the lot and laying a lawn. All of which he says can be done next month so we'll have a proper garden for Lia to enjoy for the summer.

Okay, all of the above involves significant cost to us (as does the two week holiday in Greece this month and the boiler replacement) but I think the boost to our quality of life that the garden will provide plus the well needed breaks will do us all good. DH hasn't been home to Greece for a year and Lia and I haven't been since Christmas 2006 so it's a long overdue trip (mainly because of the house move last year and my SIL's ever moving wedding date).

We've not had a proper family holiday since Lia was born either (Greece doesn't count) so the Devon trip will be great fun for us all as we're staying on a farm that's about 20 mins from the sea so Lia will have a blast with the animals and the beach.

I have to say that I'm more excited about the garden than anything else though. I can't wait for it to be cleared and looking nice. If it all works out we should be able to order the wooden playhouse for Lia in time for her birthday too. We got the Grandparents to give money for christmas last year and they'll do the same for her birthday so we can buy her one of these.

I figure that it'll provide years of fun and a nice hidey hole for her to escape to. Oh and of course I can have fun furnishing it with curtains, quilted cushions etc.


Sheila said...

I LOVE that playhouse - would have enjoyed one like that when I was young. And you can let the interior designer in you out to play too.
Maybe you could cheer Lia up, if she´s still grumpy, with some Fairy Wings ;)


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