Sunday, 6 April 2008


Sunday, 6 April 2008
We woke up to this today:

I love snow - we don't get more than a few flakes that often and it rarely settles so I was more excited than Lia!

You can also see from the above pic how much clearing we've done from the end of the back garden

It didn't take long to start melting though so we had to get out quickly and make this guy

And then we came in and Dr Lia administered some drugs to stop us catching cold

And because I had the camera out I finally got round to taking some pics of my latest finishes and WIPs

Here's The Big Zipper (post frogging and partial restitching of the window in the house section)

And I treated myself to a small project just because I felt like somethig simple - Fa La La from Shepherd's Bush - and it stitched up very quickly in just two evenings

And here's The Cat's Whiskers' Alyssum Scissor Pocket made up

And finally for the stitching here's the small Daydreams Wedding Design for my SIL (I forgot to take a pic of it framed but I will). Be impressed I stitched in Greek! LOL

One last pic which is the quilt that I finished last month by finally getting the binding done


Jennifer said...

Nice work!! I have that scissor pocket in my stash to stitch up. Everytime I see someone else has done it, I think, I really have to get to that!

Mad about Craft said...

It is lovely to see your daughter enjoying the snow!

The cross stitch projects are beautiful and the quilt has worked really well, I love the colours.

quiltorstitch said...

Your blog is beautiful! You do great work, I am glad I found it so I can be inspired. I too, love to quilt and stitch :D Your black/blue log cabin is just... WOW! And all of these cute cross stitch pieces are great. I'll be checking back on you :)


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