Sunday, 13 April 2008


Sunday, 13 April 2008
It was inevitable really. DH has wanted a Wii since they came out but I always found excuses. Not that I didn't want one you understand but I wasn't sure how much it would be used and it's a lot of money to spend on something that sits in a cupboard. We've had games consoles in the past where the novelty has worn off very quickly and I wanted to be sure that we would make good use of it.

Anyway a friend came to stay for the weekend and she brought her Wii and DH was totally smitten. Not only can he play games, he can surf the net and watch Greek TV channels on the TV rather than a laptop. Oh and one of the big selling points for me was that our old nintendo console games can also be played on it which means that some of the guilt mentioned in the last paragraph may ease LOL.

So this afternoon I went and got him his Wii and he's the happiest husband on the planet right now. Yes I spent almost the same amount as our weekend away in June will cost but it's back to that quality of life I was talking about in a previous post, the weather is still cold and wet so why wait till the summer to buy one when I'll be wanting him to help in the garden or we'll be going out and about. He'll get much more from it than just playing a few games so really how can I object.

Oh and, of course, I'll have some fun too ;)


Kitty said...

I can definitley recommend Guitar Hero III, or you might want to wait and get Rock Band instead :)

Sheila said...

Go on, take Sleigh Ride - I want to see it finished :) Congrats on all your quilting too.
Have an...errr ummm...wonderful holiday with your in-laws. You may not enjoy every minute - but it makes great reading for the rest of us when you get back :LOL!
The burning question - angel wings. Who wins?


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