Friday, 15 April 2011

A long week

Friday, 15 April 2011
So my blogging has stalled a bit this week.  It's a number of things - I haven't been crafting that much so I don't really have anything to share on that front.  It's the school holidays here so I'm home playing with the kids rather than sitting on the computer and Lia's had a lot of friends around so I've been entertaining.

Along with all of that I've been trying to sort out my 'role' in the whole affair situation because it all became a bit too awful for me last week.  Without going into too much detail I had to pick Lia up from a BBQ at A&B's house and C&D were there and they all spent the evening together.  It was truly horrendous - watching the cheaters behave like everything was absolutely normal, her dancing around with his baby, him cooking the food even though it wasn't his house, all of that kind of thing.

Anyway I decided that there was absolutely no way I can spend time around them any more so I told A this today.  It's tough as we've been good friends for 18 months now and we've been really close - it was her who I left Lia with when I went into hospital to have Connor - but enough is enough.

It could yet turn crazy as she's told B that I've broken off the friendship because I don't approve of her drinking and flirting.  Anyone who knows me could tell you neither of these bother me so it's a bit of a useless reason.  Plus if she goes too far and starts telling everyone the problems are coming from DH and I then she'll find out that I'm not prepared to put up with slander.

I'm still feeling crap about the whole thing but DH has said that he can tell I feel better than I did.  I hope he's right as after this I'm out of options on how to deal with it other than telling all and I cannot do that and be responsible for destroying two families.

Ugh, not fun!  However I am putting it all in the past and getting on with life - it's my birthday in 4 days (OMG!) and I intend to enjoy myself not mope around.

And in other cool news Connor said 'bye' today.  Quite clearly.  Admittedly to a character on the TV but they were all saying 'bye' and waving and he responded.  He's been waving for a while now but the bye was definitely new.  He's saying 'ta' as well.


Gina said...

I feel for you Joy, but I know you have done the right thing. They will be shocked because it will bring home to them the reality of what they are doing - that is isn't an exciting game, it affects people in a very real way and that what they are doing, while possibly excusable if their marriages are bad, will have serious implications for more than just the two of them.
I know your friendship has been very important to you, and I hope the hole that it leaves will soon be filled with something or someone else.

geeky Heather said...

What a tough spot you are in! I am glad you have come to a conclusion about what to do; I know this will reduce a lot of stress for you (though I am sure not totally take it away).

Happy birthday early! =)


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