Monday, 8 August 2011

This weekend I...

Monday, 8 August 2011
- drove a 300 mile round trip
- spent the weekend with my best mate and her family
- met her five week old son
- got lots of baby cuddles
- got a little jealous of her for having one more kid than me
- realised I really am not broody for another child though (DH is very happy about this LOL)
- gifted the Noah's Ark afghan (nothing like a last min finish)
- stayed in a hotel
- remembered that a sharing a hotel room with small kids is not that much fun
- took the hotel at it's word when it advertised an 'all you can eat' breakfast
- bought a couple of gorgeous baby scrapbooks for the kids
- didn't cook once!
- crashed into bed at 9pm Sunday night
- got my official 'you're at risk of redundancy' letter through the post
- gifted my friend with her birthday present three weeks early
- loved that she loved it enough that it caused tears
- played with my godson and his sister
- wished we all lived a bit closer...


Shebafudge said...

I think the best bit of the weekend must be 'didn't cook once'. That would be such a luxury!

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.


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