Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Finishes and WIPs

Wednesday, 10 September 2008
It's picture time again.

Here's my framed Lavender Hearts all ready to be gifted on Sunday

Here's my completed Goldwork kit

And here's the Mariner's Compass block I made at Saturday's class. I need to unpick the last seam and get some bulk out of the middle so it sits a bit flatter

And here's the status of the WIPs I've just got out to work on:

Wild One's Alphabet


Handmade Houses 4 (at least I think it's 4!)

Four Wishes (and yes, I am embarrassed to have done so little but I had to frog lots of the border and so put it to one side in disgust)

Cottage Garden 2


Allie said...

Lavender Hearts looks wonderful as does the goldwork and the quilt top. I love the colourway you choose for the compass.

Paula said...

They all look great.

Karoline said...

Lavender Hearts looks gorgeous, great framing

Ginnie said...

What a lovely collection, Lavender Hearts and Goldwork look fab. Your WIP's are coming along well too.

Beatrice said...

Congrats on the finish of lavender hearts...Stunning.
All your Wips are looking good!

Sheila said...

Lavender Hearts is truly lovely - as is the Goldwork one. And the rest will be :)

Anonymous said...



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