Friday, 26 September 2008

Still here...

Friday, 26 September 2008
So the PJ's of Power are holding their own, as are the Bra's of Destiny and the Clean Knickers of, well, of Your Mother's Nagging When You Were a Child, if I'm honest.

I've even been brave and dyed my hair despite the hidden dangers of being overcome by ammonia fumes whilst balanced over the bath semi-naked washing the stuff off.

It seems my twisted logic is working LOL.

One thing I haven't done though is stitch a lot. Weird. I figured I could spend whole evenings in front of the TV with guilt free stitching time but yesterday I didn't even pick up a needle. Today I will though but I'll be in bed early due to having been woken at 6.34am by a small voice saying 'Mummy I wee'd myself'...

By 8am I'd scrubbed her down, dressed her, given her breakfast (dry Shreddies due to an accident with a full bottle of milk last night but that's another story), stripped her bed, got the washing on, hoovered her room and then washed the carpet using our newly acquired VAX (bought for just this type of emergency).

Unfortunately being the lone parent I wasn't then able to crawl back into bed for a couple of hours, I had to be up and focus on being a responsible adult.

DH is having fun although he's sick, but that's okay because his Mama is taking care of him (good for her, here's hoping the snot is all cleared up before he gets back to me). He's had very little sleep in the last 72 hours - he arrived in Athens at 3.30am (our time) after a full day's work the day before then had approx four hours sleep last night before getting on a flight to North Greece at 5.30am this morning (3.30am our time). He's going to be a bundle of laughs at the wedding tomorrow!

I'm having fun too and have a weekend full of visitors to look forward to including my first meeting with a friends baby (2 months old) tomorrow lunch time. I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow - the first time I've had to take Lia with me and get her to behave for 45 mins. I think I'll have to resort to bribery!

Have a good weekend everyone


Sheila said...

Just catching up on your latest bloggings - love Lia as a pink cat - she is so cute.
So glad the PJ´s of Power and other secret underthings are doing their job :)
Hope you get some stitching in soon.


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