Monday, 24 January 2011


Monday, 24 January 2011
Conversation with Lia this morning:

Lia: there's a pirate in my class
Me: really?
Lia: yes and she lives in Pirate Land
Me: who?
Lia: Sapphire
Me: oh, ok, did she tell you she was a pirate?
Lia: no
Me: so how do you know
Lia: well her parents are pirates and so they must live in Pirate Land and Sapphire lives with them
Me: hmmmmmmmmm, they're not really pirates you know
Lia: but they dress like pirates so they must be

So any advice please on how to explain Goths to a five year old? LOL


Gina said...

There's one fifty-five year old here who needs Goths expalining to her.....

Liz said...

That really did raise a smile :D

Mad about Craft said...

The pirates idea is much more romantic though!

Kathy A. said...



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