Saturday, 6 August 2005

A bit about me

Saturday, 6 August 2005

It occurred to me that I should maybe post a little bit about myself so those of you who have stumbled across my blog get to know me a bit better.

So, I’m British, not English as I have one English and one Scottish parent and the Scottish one drummed into me the idea of my Britishness at an early age. I also have a teeny tiny bit of Moroccan in me as my Great Grandfather was Moroccan (although I don’t even tan well so I’m pretty sure most of his genes have vanished).

I also have a complicated family of a full brother, a half sister and two step sisters. In this day and age that may not seem too complicated but add the fact that my half sister is the same age as DBF’s mother and her children are only a few years younger than me and you’ll start to see how tangled it is. Oh and my half sister has another half sister that is no relation to me! (She shares a Dad with me and a Mum with the other one)

Complicated though it is we all get along famously and I don’t remember anyone ever falling out with anyone else. I’m the odd one out as I live 100 miles away from everyone else but my sister lives next door to my mother (her step mum) and my brother is five minutes away from them both.

There’s no real reason I live so far away except that there’s very little work in the area of England they live (Kent) and if you want to earn good money there in Computing (which is what both DBF and I do) you have to commute to London which is a horrible expensive journey. Maybe we’ll end up there later on, but with DBF being Greek and owning a house out there we may well opt for the sun, sea and sand. Who knows where life will take us?

Having said that DBF’s family are a bit too intense for me. Especially now we have DD. I’ve had a pretty troubled relationship with them (enough to fill blog entries for the rest of this year at least) and although it is slowly getting better I don’t imagine it’ll ever be perfect. DD is their first Grandchild (also my Mother’s first Grandchild) and their obsession knows no bounds. I think if we lived in the same country as them at the moment they’d spend every waking second in her company……

Given that, it’ll be quite a while before I consider living over there.

What else? DBF and I have been together eight years and met when on the same Masters Degree course at Uni (so not a holiday romance as most people think). He only came to England for 11 months but is still here so I must be doing something right. J

We’ve talked about marriage but it never seemed important before the arrival of DD. The truth is that DD was an accidental pregnancy that turned into the best thing we’ve ever done. We’d always said we’d have children some time but had never gotten round to thinking about when. On the whole I think the only way we’d ever have gotten round to it was to have an accident as the issue was taken out of our hands and we just had to get on with it.

Now we both know that marriage would be a good thing to get sorted but we don’t want a big event and it’s something else we’ve got to fit in somehow. The biggest reason we haven’t bothered is the logistical nightmare of getting either all of my family to Greece, all of his family to England or all of both families to somewhere in the middle. We’ve both agreed in the past that we’d be best off running away to Vegas and just telling everyone when it’s over and done with. Neither family is too keen on us doing this but I love the kitsch value of it all and DBF has always wanted to dress up as Elvis so who knows what we’ll end up doing!

That’s all for now as it’s stupid o’clock in the morning and DBF has just got DD to sleep so I need to do the same while I can.


Gina said...

THanks for the introduction - I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot!
Las Vegas sounds fun :-D


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