Monday, 22 August 2005

Not everyone you meet on the web is a mad axe murderer.....

Monday, 22 August 2005
I've been participating in online stitching forums for a few years now and my favourite (and most frequented) is one that invovles a whole bunch of mad British women.

Every now and again we have a Get-together (GTG) and one of these events happened yesterday.

I'd only been to one before and obviously my circumstances this time were very different - I was accompanied by DD and DBF for a start - and I didn't manage any stitching whilst I was there but I did have a great time and it was great to meet some new people.

So I'd like to thank Kitty for being a wonderful hostess and all the other attendees for being great fun. I'd also like to thank DBF for performing above and beyond the call of duty and spending several hours with a bunch of women who, whilst not being axe murderers, are admittedly quite mad......



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