Wednesday, 17 August 2005

A Sigh of Relief

Wednesday, 17 August 2005
DD had her first set of immunisation jabs yesterday afternoon.

I'd read all the info about it - 50% of children are irritable for 48hrs after the jabs, 20% get a fever, etc and I'd heard all the horror stories from other Mums. So, armed with Calpol and resigned to no sleep for a couple of nights we headed into the unknown.

One jab in each leg and boy did she scream.

However, the screaming stopped by the time we left the surgery and although she was clingy and miserable for most of the afternoon (shock I believe) no fever and she slept at her usual time (11.00pm) for the whole night - eight full hours!

This is totally great news as she has to have two more sets of double jabs in four and eight weeks time and now at least I'm not dreading them (although there's nothing to say she won't have the reaction next time).

She does however have two little lumps on her legs where the jabs went in. She doesn't seem to be that bothered by them (I could touch them without a reaction) but I'm sure daddy will be upset by them later on.



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