Wednesday, 10 August 2005

A Bullet Bitten

Wednesday, 10 August 2005
So we've done it. We've booked flights to Greece for the three of us.

There's so many reasons I'm not looking forward to this trip but it has to be done so I shall attempt to grin and bear it. The good thing is that we're only going for just over a week instead of the two weeks originally talked about. We fly on a Friday evening and fly back on a Monday with a full week in between so it's not too bad.

We have to go because DBF has a Grandmother still alive who is too old to come here and needs to see her Great Grand-daughter. Also, apart from his parents and sister (who have already visited) none of his family will come here so it's a 'show and tell' trip.

What fun eh?

As I mentioned in my last post I've had a rocky relationship with DBF's parents so 10 days living with them in their apartment is my idea of hell - I don't get that close to my own family any more so why should I have to with his?

Oh and before you ask, no, there's no way we can stay anywhere else without them never speaking to us again. I'll have to have at least two more kids before we're too many to stay there comfortably!

The main issue is the language barrier. I speak very little Greek and they speak very little English. I did have Greek lessons for a while and I've always had good intentions to learn but have always let it slide as it's only important for a couple of weeks a year and I've always found languages hard. I understand quite a lot of what is said but the trips rely on DBF and his Sister as translators and it's really tough going all round.

It's also a completely different family dynamic over there - my family thrive on insults and banter with not much outward physical affection whereas his family are huggy/kissy people who take offence at the slightest thing and row all the time. I don't remember my parents or anyone close to me EVER arguing whereas DBF's mother shouts at least once a day.....

So, I have all this tension in me before we even get there (based on past experiences) and then there's the other major issue I have....

Travel sickness.

I do it in magnificent style and have done since three months old. The first time I flew anywhere (aged 16) I ended up in hospital having four litres of fluid pumped into me and medication that you don't swallow (if you know what I mean!)

So, I have to be totally doped up in order to fly and I still feel lousy at the other end (one of the things DBF's family can't seem to get their heads round is that it takes me a day or two to recover from the flight - I always get the impression that they think I'm faking it). This time it's worse as I'm not sure if I can take anything given that I'm breast feeding. I did speak to my doctor but she was less than helpful so I'm going to see a different one who I know is better.

I should also mention that DD is a direct consequence of my travel sickness. Last September we were in Greece and flew to North Greece for a long weekend in the middle of our two week stay. I stupidly thought that I could cope with less intense medication as it was only a 45 min flight. I got sick. Complete failure of the mini pill combined with a rare moment of privacy for the two of us and our gorgeous little monkey was the result.....

Oh, and that's the other reason I'm not looking forward to the holiday - given the events of the last paragraph I know that I'll probably never be able to persuade DBF to have sex on holiday ever again!


Gina said...

Hee he he - I've never been a fan of holiday sex anyway...all that heat and sand :(


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