Wednesday, 16 January 2008

And yet more stitching

Wednesday, 16 January 2008
I did this piece as my monthly small start:

It's Eliza Jane's Needlekeep from Brightneedle. I used the only piece of 32ct fabric I had that was vaguely close to the charted fabric - it's a hand-dyed opalescent but I don't know where from as I rescued it from a friend who hates opal fabric.

Obviously I now have to finish it properly. I think I'm going to try and have a 'finishing weekend' every month so I get one or two pieces done at a time.

Here's another couple of WIPs. My GFJ start from Stitchin'Spirations - Lost in a Blackwork Maze (I'm still considering the colours)

And here's one of the three snowmen from Stitching Kitty - I started him just before Christmas and I'm going to work on him a bit - alternating with my Newton's Law WIP


Kathy A. said...

Very nice stitching progress there girl. I love your needlekeep. Look forward to seeing some finishes. Has your Cirque gone to the bottom of the list?

Karoline said...

They all look lovely Joy

Sharon said...

Beautiful projects! I love the blackwork.

aussie said...

Wow... That's amazing. I couldn't do that, not ever. You're pretty skilled.

Stephanie said...

Good work on your WIP! A finishing weekend is a great idea - I need to do that too!

Megumi said...

Your pieces look very nice. I particularly like your Lost in a Blackwork Maze - nice colors!


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