Monday, 28 January 2008

The pictures that aren't in the last post...

Monday, 28 January 2008
Here's my finished Newton's Law project

Here's my Snowman WIP after some attention

Here's the first two squares from the first Jungle Quilt:

And because she demanded to have her picture taken while I had the camera out, here's some of Lia (with Neh-Naw and Gung-Gah)


Beatrice said...

I think your pieces are just the cutest. And you little girl too.
I hope she is feeling better!

Paula said...

Your stitching and quilting look great. Lia is very cute in the pictures too.

Kathy A. said...

Those are the cutest pictures of Lia. Your little bear is sweet and I love that snowman - that's quite the hat. I hope you don't mind - it was just a gentle reminder for your Cirque. We all have our own pace and there is no time frame for these.

Megumi said...

Aww...your daughter is a cutie-pie. :)

I love your Newton's Law - too cute! And the snowman looks great!Nice quilt pieces as well! Very bright and cheery. :)

Karoline said...

Lovely photo's of Lia, hope she's feeling better now.

Cute finish and the snowman is looking great

Sharon said...

Lia looks like a happy little girl! Nice wip's and Newton's law is too cute. Congrats.


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