Monday, 14 January 2008

Sleep Deprivation...

Monday, 14 January 2008
Lia seems determined to remind us what it's like to have a new baby in the house - probably to deter us from doing just that LOL.

She was running a fever Friday night having spent most of the day on the couch doing very little so the lethargy and sickness led to a pretty rough night.

Then on Saturday afternoon she had a bad nosebleed. We're not sure if she knocked her nose (DH thinks she did but he didn't see it happen) but whatever she did it bled A LOT. Saturday night she was a bit disturbed and she woke at 5am and got up at 6am. We take it in turns to sleep in at the weekends and Sunday morning DH had to get up with her.

He tried to get a nap early in the afternoon but she had another nosebleed and I had to yell him to come down because it was really bad and I needed a second pair of hands. A couple of hours later she had a third bleed.

Finally, at 5am this morning we were woken by her going 'Mummy, nose' and discovered her looking like she'd done several rounds in the boxing ring - pjs were soaked in blood, it was all over Neh-Naw, the bed, the floor, her hands and face, everywhere.

It took us 45 mins to stem the flow and we decided to take her to Casualty just to be on the safe side. The good news is it is nothing sinister, the doctor could see where the bleed was, and we got advice as to how to stop it in future and he said that if it bled for more than 15 mins we should take her back in.

So here I am at home using up my last days unbooked leave (my holiday resets at the end of March) with Lia who's pretty well as normal except for looking rather strange as she has a wedge of cotton taped across the bottom of her nose. Poor DH - I dropped him at the train station to go to work at 7am and if he's not asleep at his desk right now it'll be a miracle.

As you'll gather not much got done this weekend although I did get a coat of paint on the walls of the spare room with the idea that it'll be finished and livable by the end of next weekend (and I can finally unpack my books). I also managed a bit of stitching and a teeny tiny bit of quilting. Plans to get on with my next quilt project have been abandoned for now as I didn't get started and I know that my jungle fabric will arrive this week (I got a shipping notice at the end of last week) so I'll get straight on with them this weekend so there's no pressure to rush and get them finished later on.


Sharon said...

That was a busy and not too fun weekend. Hope your little girl doenn't have any more nose bleeds.


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