Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Thursday, 3 January 2008
Okay so I'm a bit late but it's been a busy few days (and I've been back at work). I hope 2008 is a fantastic year for all of you and that Health, Wealth and Happiness flows in abundance.

Oh and a certain reader should be reassured that her message got through and I'll be making sure I post here more regularly this year :)

We had a wonderful New Year with friends and 2008 is starting with a big change in the Family V household as DH starts a new job on the 7th after almost 7 years at his old one. It was time for a change as he hasn't been happy for quite some time but as you can imagine he's a little nervous about his first day.

We've also got a few celebrations to look forward to this year as my Niece is getting married in August and my Sister and BIL celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary in September. There's a queue of babies on their way as well - six that I'm currently aware of - and my Godson's little sister will have her Naming Ceremony early in the year too.

Holiday wise we've just booked flights to Greece for the end of April so we'll have the Orthodox Easter in Athens followed by my SIL's Church wedding. We've also booked a holiday cottage in North Devon for the end of June which will be just the three of us. We have an invite to go to DH's cousin's wedding in October in North Greece but we're not committing to that just yet. Oh and we've heard good news from our American Cousins as there's an engagement there - I'd love to finally get over to meet them on their home ground (we've met them in England and in Greece but never the US) so fingers crossed that when a wedding date is set we're able to accept the invite.

So 2008 is going to be a busy one. I'm off on my next quilting course this saturday and have three more booked for this year plus there's the Stitchers Weekend GTG again in early June which will be fantastic.



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