Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The kindness of friends

Wednesday, 1 October 2008
DH and his Mum were involved in an accident yesterday morning. They were stood on the side of a road waiting to cross when they heard an almighty bang, DH turned to see what it was and a car had smashed into a motorbike. The bike and it's rider were flying (separately) towards DH and his mother, the bike smashed into MIL and the rider into the ground on the other side of DH.

Amazingly DH was physically unharmed but MIL took the full force of the impact on her right leg, she was knocked to the ground and her leg sustained multiple fractures, DH said he thought it might have to be amputated at the scene it was so beaten up. As the biker was 'flying' DH heard his shout 'Oh God, I'm not wearing a helmet!' He's still alive but they don't hold out much hope of him recovering as he has multiple skull fractures.

I spent all day yesterday not knowing whether or not Lia and I would have to fly to Greece but thankfully MIL came through the surgery okay, they think they've managed to save her leg (although they don't know how much use she'll have) and other than that she hasn't got any other major injuries- she banged her head but it wasn't serious.

All things considered we feel it's better not to put Lia through the trip, hospital visits, Yia Yia in a scary leg brace, etc. We'll go out later on when she's further down the road to recovery. Also, as much as DH wants us with him we'd be two more things for him to worry about when he already has way too much to worry him.

I am relieved, I hate flying and I'm kinda hospital-phobic so it was my worst nightmare really but I can't wait for DH to be home as I just want to be with him. His flight home was tomorrow but he's going to stay till next Wednesday so she'll be home and a bit settled and he can leave knowing things are okay.

Friends have been amazing. Work friends have offered any support they can, one even made me cry because he offered to take us to the airport at any time we needed, another friend responded to my worry about what to do with the guinea pigs by looking up pet sitters and sending me the information, another has offered to come and keep me company this weekend and my Mum, Sister and Best Friend all offered to take Lia so I could go out on my own.

It's at times like these that little gestures mean so much. I'm way too independent for my own good most of the time but I do appreciate every offer, big and small as it's fantastic to know that people care.


tintocktap said...

{{hugs}} Glad to hear your DH wasn't hurt and your MIL will recover (best wishes for her leg), but what a horrible accident to be involved in! You and Lia take care!

Ginnie said...

What a frightening experience, hope your MIL recovers quickly and DH gets to come home soon.

Paula said...

Hugs Joy. What a scary time but great to hear to have lots of supportive people close by.

karenv said...

Oh, that sounds nasty! Glad that L is OK and that your MIL is as well as can be expected. I hope she recovers quickly.

Beatrice said...

My prayers are with you all and a special one for your MIL. I'm so glad you have a lot of support at your end.
Keep us posted and take care!

You had a busy stitching month I see and good luck with all of those goals.

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the accident, and I'm glad your DH is okay. Best wishes to your MIL for a speedy recovery!!

Erin said...

How terrifying, for all of you! I am so glad MIL and DH are more or less okay. And I definitely agree that it was the right thing for you and L to stay home, as hard as that is at times. Hugs to all of you!


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