Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Lovely Weekend

Tuesday, 21 October 2008
As predicted we had a lovely weekend. Burn After Reading is a terrific film, the Coen Brothers are back to what they do best and I can finally forgive them for the horrific remake of Ladykillers LOL.

Spamalot was equally as enjoyable and I'm glad we got to see it before it closes. I have to say that, for me, the worst parts of the show were the scenes lifted directly from the film - I think because they were almost mimicry - but the new bits and the musical numbers more than made up for it. The comedy scenes weren't bad but I guess they were more of a reminder that it wasn't the actual Pythons we were seeing.

But all in all a good time was had, we had a lovely walk around London and a great meal at 'The Real Greek' in Covent Garden and a generally relaxing weekend.

A brief update on the crap stuff - MIL is getting better, and more importantly, seems a little more cheerful. We pick up our new car on Thursday so no more driving round in the bloody Audi. I know I shouldn't moan but it's huge - practically impossible to park and get out of because it's so wide and it's so long that it sticks out of parking spaces. I'll be so happy to get back in a Berlingo - you can't beat sliding back doors on a car when you have kids.

I'm still fighting with the insurance company re the valuation of our old car. The supporting evidence they provided was rubbish and I've told them so, I can't understand why they are finding it so difficult to understand. Anyway, that's going to go on for a while I'm sure but I'm not giving in to them - maybe they'll up the value just to get rid of me! My neck and wrist are still painful but I expected that, I'm sure it'll take a while to recover, but I can't moan because MIL is in much more pain and discomfort.

Crafting wise I've gotten things out for a couple of christmas projects and sorted the material for the baby quilt so I will make a start on those. I resent the shops starting christmas so early but I do like the 'at home' preparation of things like making Christmas puddings (I supply the whole family, including Greece!), thinking about gifts, etc. Christmas is my favourite time of year and this year Lia will have a stocking on her bed for the first time which will be fun. I also have to finish her 'advent calendar' which is a quilted panel with pockets to put treats in, I've done everything but the quilting bit so it shouldn't take long.

I'm also stitching on a lot of small things, I've started the February Baubles and am working on Just Nan's 'Hop!' Tin Top. I'm also still working on cataloguing my charts in a separate blog to keep me on top of my stash mountain.

One final update re my job, I can't remember exactly what the last update was but for now, I'm staying where I am as they have launched a huge project that they need my technical skills for. That's not saying the situation won't arise again next year but for now things are okay.


surfinrita said...

I have tried several times to make my own advent calendar for the kids but time usually runs out on me and the next year I get a new design idea and never finish it so I ended up buying one from Tea Laden that is in the shape of a Christmas Tree - I adore it - it has ornaments and toys spread all over the tree that are the days before Christmas. Good luck with the insurance company - they can really be a pain to deal with.


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