Monday, 13 October 2008

The Long and Winding Road...

Monday, 13 October 2008
Okay, the next time some idiot hits my car and totals it I won't be so nice to them. What a total nightmare it is to try and sort things out!

I'm still in discussions with the Insurance company re the valuation of our dead car but I was advised by the company providing the courtesy car that I should accept the current valuation as an 'interim' payment because if I didn't the other party's insurers could claim I was delaying and stop funding the courtesy car.

I purchased a new car today for £1200 more than the insurers are offering us, that balance will have to go on a credit card as we don't have those funds available to us right now. DH then organised the interim payment from the insurance as we need it so we can pay for this car which will be ready to pick up next Thursday. I then phoned the courtesy car company to tell them to stop harassing me re the payment and to advise them we would need their car until next Friday.

I was then told that once we receive the interim payment we only have 7 days before we have to give them their car back. Really? Well guess what then, it doesn't matter when Royal Mail get that cheque to me this week, you'll get a call this Friday to say we've received it...

Still, we're finally moving forward which is the main thing. I'm so sick of all of this and how much effort it all takes to get sorted. Not to mention the phone calls - we're averaging around six phone calls a day at the moment. I wonder if I can bill the insurance company?

On a much lighter note, Toast and Crumpet have a new playmate. DH felt that three was a good number of guinea pigs to have (no I don't know why either) so on Saturday Sesame joined our household. I'll try and get her to sit still long enough to get a picture - she's a real live wire and, despite the pet shop telling us she might have some problems settling in, she now rules the roost!


Ginnie said...

sorry your car problem is such a nightmare.... you pay all this money to them and still end up out of pocket!

Beatrice said...

Wow I'm so sorry to hear about all of those problems with the car. I hope things get settled for you soon!


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