Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I caved...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009
I've ordered the Just Nan Harmony tin. In my defence I haven't ordered the sampler though LOL.

The Just Nan site now has pictures up of all the upcoming releases and, whilst I like the design of the sampler, I don't like the colours and you can only buy it as a chart with the floss and embellishments for $50.

I have to say that I'm a little bit disillusioned with Just Nan and their decision to make everything limited editions and selling things as kits etc. I know it's my choice to buy or not but $50 is too much for me right now especially when I really don't like the colour choices (or the idea that if I did stitch it there would be exactly 999 identical copies out there LOL). Stitching is a craft and even though we're following a designed pattern it is always nice to be able to put one's own mark on one's work, especially with sampler type designs.

Oh well, I know that they have their reasons but I read quite a number of stitching boards and I know I'm not alone in my feelings.

The only other new release I've seen that I love is 'Scatter Snowflakes' from Shepherd's Bush so that's been added to my wishlist for a future purchase.

On and entirely different note, I've been watching the news of the Australian Bush fires and am heartbroken by the devastation out there. I have a lot of family around the Melbourne area and my thoughts are with everyone out there at this time.

If anyone is looking for a way to help Melly and Me are having an online auction to raise funds for the disaster appeal. They're auctioning off 8 lots between now and Saturday - some cute handmade critters, patterns, etc so go have a look and maybe make a bid or just a donation.


Sheila said...

I didn´t realise you had to buy the threads too with the JN Sampler - it has now been struck off my list! $50 !!! Phooey!!
And I see they aren´t selling extra embellishments packs so you can´t even stitch it twice (not that I would want to)!
Sorry to rant on... but when some people are generous enough to do beautiful free designs, it seems extremely mean (I´m being polite) to design ONLY LE charts and kits for those who can afford the big bucks!
Off my high horse now - and hurt myself it was such a long way down!


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