Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Road Trip!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009
So a good friend has just got engaged and there's a good chance the wedding will be held in Toronto (where the bride is from). DH and I have been talking and we both want to go - the date hasn't been set yet but it won't be this year and given the best man is a teacher it will have to be in a school holiday.

So, IF the wedding is next year, IF it's in the School holiday, IF it's in Toronto and IF there's nothing stopping us we're going on a Road Trip! Yes I know that's a lot of IFs in there but remember I'm a woman whose holidays don't get any more exciting than two weeks stuck in an appartment with her Mother-in-Law.

The thing is that I have a Cousin who lives in Toronto who I haven't seen for years, Cousins who live in Maine and a real desire to see New York. Hence the Road Trip. We'll fly to Toronto, attend the wedding, hopefully catch up with my Cousin, drive into the US via Niagra Falls, head across country to Maine and the other Cousins, head down to Boston then finally to NY for a couple of days before flying home. Obviously depending on the date of the wedding that trip might be reversed (we have to be back in the UK in time for school starting).

And as the one who will plan the route and give directions (DH will do the driving as it's the correct side of the road for him) I imagine we'll be stopping at several stitching and quilt shops along the way.

I'm trying not to get too excited as there's so many things that could stop it happening but we have to start saving now so I can't help but get planning. And if the wedding plans change I can still try and persuade DH we need to do the trip (I won't mention how many quilting shops we're likely to find along the way!)

So anyone out there reading this who knows of any good Stitching / Quilting shops in those areas please let me know so I can collate all my options.


Jennifer said...

Ohhhh sounds like fun!! I love, love, love Maine. I keep trying to talk DH into going back for another vacation.

Talk to Cathey (http://pumpkinpatchandco.blogspot.com/) about stitching shops in the area. She lives in Canada but is familiar with Maine, so she might be able to hook you up. Another suggestion I'd make is to check the retailers section of your favorite designer's websites. Sometimes they will list locations of shops that sell their charts and goodies.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.


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