Wednesday, 18 February 2009

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009
Well I'm still waiting for the Insurance Company to call about the damage to the front garden, I guess I should be used to things taking so long but it's ridiculous.

We buy our insurance through our bank but it's supplied by an insurance company so I phoned the bank the morning after it happened and gave them all the details - they said they would register the claim and I would get a call within 48 hours. Sure enough I got a call on the Monday but only to tell me that because the claim was complicated (ie we had to claim on someone elses insurance) the bank couldn't deal with it, they would send it on to the insurance company who would get back to me asap.

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon, no call. I called them and they said 'oh, we have the details of your claim but didn't get any notification of it so didn't know to call you'. The woman then said they would need to get a loss adjuster to speak to us and she'd mark it urgent given we'd already been kept waiting. 30 mins later I got a call from the loss adjusters saying I would get another call from them asap (yes I'm not sure I understood that bit either). That was Thursday pm and I'm still waiting.

At least the Council have been pro-active for once and the sign post that was knocked down is now standing and the pavement is fixed.

If I don't hear anything from them today I'll chase again tomorrow but I resent having to pay for phone calls when it's their job to be contacting me.

Rant over for now.

We just had a lovely weekend with friends we hadn't seen for a while. They've got a couple of girls aged 7 and 9 who Lia loves playing with so it was nice for us as they were perfect babysitters whilst we adults had a good old natter and catch up.

DH is off to Greece on Friday for a weeks holiday. My holiday doesn't reset until the end of March so I don't have any days to take to go with him but really it wouldn't be practical because of MILs leg. The good news is that she finally had the metal cage removed from her leg last week (after five months) but she's going to have the leg plastered on Wednesday and that will be on for at least another month. MIL and FIL are due over here in July for a weeks holiday in Devon with us so we're all hoping her recovery continues well.

My Mum is coming to stay again for the week to babysit Lia and I. As last time we'll be at work and nursery but she'll be company in the evenings and it'll be good for her to be out of the flat as she's been feeling a bit low recently. It's a bad time of year as the weather is not great so there' even less motivation for her to get out and do things.

Crafting wise I've done a bit more on my Quilters Friend but it won't be finished this month. There's not too much left though so I'm hoping it'll be done next month. My rotation has gone okay so far but due to me being ill for almost a week Sleigh Ride isn't going to get as much attention as it might have done. Still, it'll get some work done on it which is the main thing, and all my other rotation goals have been achieved again so I can't complain.

I seem to have got back into reading (I've certainly got back into buying books) as I picked up a book last night and had to force myself to put it down after 100 pages as it was far too late for me to still be awake on a work night. I'm hoping that means my mojo is back (it certainly means it's a good book LOL).

My other focus is still the furnishing of Lia's room. I know what bed and dressing table we'll be getting her but I want better storage options so we went to IKEA on Saturday for some inspiration and there were several fantastic items including wall shelves that match her wardrobe and book shelves so DH and I will be going back on a week day so we can get some bits and pieces.



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