Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Anyone seen this film?  It's about a couple who erase their memories of each other when their relationship goes bad.

What I really need right now is a way to do exactly what they were hoping to achieve - erase all information in my brain pertaining to this bloody affair my friends are having.  Yes it is still going on and no, the spouses don't appear to have any suspicions yet.

I've removed myself from the situation as much as I can - I avoid talking to her about it, I don't respond to her texts that mention it and I've quite brutally told her that I don't like some things on a couple of occasions now.  But all this has done is make me realise that what I really and truly can't bear is their social engagements as two families together and I can't get away from the knowledge of that.

So now my head feels ready to explode with it all and I want to scream at the cheated on spouses for being too stupid to realise what is going on.  Obviously I won't as that just lands me right in the middle of it all as the bad guy but I just can't imagine how the pair of them will feel when all this comes out and they realise they've spent days out together with the pair of lying, cheating, two-faced, hypocritical idiots (writing that down felt good LOL).

It is now impacting on my social calendar as I refuse to do anything where the two families will be together.  DH has entered a 10k run that the cheated on husband is also doing and there's a family funfair on at the same time.  DH will be attending on his own as the other family are also going.  DH is fine about this as he understands my feelings (and doesn't exactly enjoy being around them himself)  plus he knows the more time I spend around them the more likely I am to say something.

Sorry to rant about this yet again but it's generally spoiling my mood at the moment and I'm trying to think of ways to keep it out of my head.  I've given up facebook as they are all on there posting pics of each others kids and talking about the fun times they have and I'm 'forgetting' my mobile quite a lot at the moment so hopefully that will help.

What I can't do is cut them out of my life completely though as I see them every day, twice a day on the school run and Lia and their daughters are best friends so I can hardly stop Lia seeing them.  Grrrrrrr.

I've even resorted to some retail therapy to cheer myself up.  No stash I should point out but stuff for the kids - storage boxes, beakers, books, etc - I am not even missing the whole stash buying thing at the moment but I'll admit it will be nice to get some exciting parcels through the post!

Oh and one last thing before I sign off this post, I'm 99.99% convinced that the pair of cheaters had sex in my bed when he was round cleaning our patio for us.  She promised me that she absolutely wouldn't do anything but when I got home that day my bedroom door was closed - we never, ever close the doors in the house and I was the last one upstairs so it can't have been Lia.  This is, of course, not helping my mood.


Mad about Craft said...

If you are right in what you suspect that is down right wrong. How dare they treat a friend's home like that! Pure selfishness!


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