Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

Tuesday, 1 March 2011
And a pinch and a punch just for good measure!

Oh and Happy St David's Day for any Welsh readers.

Can you believe it's the 1st March already?  The last two months seem to have flown by (admittedly in a haze of germs).  This month is officially sewing machine month as I have to make the party bags for next month and given I have to make 30 - 40 of them I think I'd better get started.

It's a Greek tradition to give out Bombonieres at Christenings and Weddings - I believe the do it in other countries too but it's definitely not something I had any experience of until our Big Fat Greek Wedding and Christening.  Basically it's the tradition of giving sugared almonds to guests but wrapping the almonds up in something fancy. This can be as basic as taking a square of tulle, putting some almonds in the middle and then tying some ribbon to make a little pouch (ie cheap and what I got for our wedding) or little decorated ceramic pots with the almonds in (ie not so cheap what my MIL got for Lia's Christening).

With Connor being Christened here we don't actually need to get bombonieres - all the English guests wouldn't expect them and all the Greek guests could be told we don't do it here but now I know they exist I really wanted some because the stuff they have for kids is just so cool!  When we were in Greece last year I popped into a shop that sells these things and was completely overwhelmed with the choice.  My Greek sister in law has been helping me sort out what I want by sending me a link to one of the biggest shops in Athens for these things.

Traditionally you would only have one type of bomboniere so every guest would get the same but me being me I want to differentiate between adults, boys and girls so I've ordered a selection of things (whistles, bookmarks, pencil holders, etc) and will be making each child a little bag and they'll get four or five different things.  Here's an idea of the ranges I've chosen:

You can see that they usually come with some kind of pouch that holds the sweets but I'm not having those, I just want the toys!  I was expecting them to be quite expensive (they would be buying them here) but they're all under a euro each.

For the adults I've chosen small squares of murano glass.  I don't have the actual ones I've chosen but they're similar to these except ours are brightly coloured:

They come with the box which includes room for the sugared almonds (or sweets of my choice I haven't yet decided). I think I'm now more excited about the bombonieres than I am about the party itself LOL.

So my extra goal for March is to get the little bags made - I've got lots of pink fabric I can use for the girl's bags and I've got quite a bit of pirate theme fabric I can use for the boys.  I intend to make a start tonight!


Heather said...

Rabbits rabbits rabbits? Could this be related to my mom's tradition of "if the first thing you say in the morning on the first of the month is 'rabbit', you get a gift during the month"?? She never could tell where this tradition came from...is it possible you know?? The goodie bags are really, really cute!


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