Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 Goals

Thursday, 1 January 2009

I've thought about this a lot, probably more than I need to LOL, but I want to be a bit more focussed on what I'm stitching every month so I can get some of my WIPs off the list.

So, I intend to rotate between Halloween and Christmas projects every month, so a Halloween one in Jan, a Christmas in Feb, etc, with the idea that I can get Happy Haunting completed by November and Sleigh Ride by Christmas. Possibly.

I also intend to focus on one small WIP from the list per month so I can hopefully clear some of them off the WIP list too. The first focus projects are Garden Party, Charlie is Born, Spring Lineup, Joyful Summer and Coeur de Brodeuse.

I will also try and stitch one SamSarah alphabet bauble a month, a Lizzie*Kate Halloween Flip-it a month and two Snapperbet letters a month.

Also, each month I'll pick one other larger WIP from the list to stitch a bit on - I'm currently thinking Cirque and Grandma's Thread Minder will be the first two I want to focus on.

Yes I do this but haven't for years - I have so much stash though that I have to do some projects so I've listed a few that I think are achievable.

1. Our wedding album
2. Lia's baby album
3. Christmas Album
4. Quilting Album

1. Make some smaller projects like bags, ornaments, placemats, bowls, etc
2. Make a 'Little Girl' quilt for Lia's birthday in June
3. Work on reducing my fabric stash a bit!

I really want 2009 to be about reducing the stash I have, especially for quilting and scrapbooking. I don't have guilt about the value of my stash but I do feel guilty about the volume that's not used.


Shebafudge said...

Some very achieveable and well thought out goals for this year. I would love to learn to quilt so maybe next year I should add that to my goals.

I'm looking forward to cheering you on.

Happy New Year!!

Paula said...

Very orgainised there Joy.


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