Sunday, 11 January 2009

My First Bag!

Sunday, 11 January 2009
How proud am I! I want to make smaller projects this year and have about a dozen bag designs in my stash so I thought I'd start with one that seemed fairly simple and here it is:

Other than it's style it's not at all like the original pattern which calls for some words and flowers on the pockets and middle band on the left hand side (and is done in pastels) but this is much more me.

My only criticism for myself is that I should have taken longer fitting the base as it's rucked in a few places but as I'm the only one that will care (or notice) I can live with it.

Today we went on an excursion to Farnham as there was a quilting and fabric sale there (DH indulged me). It was pretty good although filled with women of a certain age marking their territories with their (ample) bosoms! Poor DH and Lia didn't stand a chance so spend most of their time queuing for a drink whilst I attempted to get somewhere close to the stash.

I did pretty well, I was mainly looking for pink/lilac fabrics for Lia's birthday quilt as I don't have many in my stash. My best bargain was a bolt of lilac fabric for £20 instead of £45 which will be the backing fabric for the quilt. I'm still looking though my stash to pick a quilt design but I'm hoping to start it next month so I'd better get on looking.

In other quilting news I also discovered what is probably the closest quilting shop to me. It's called Village Fabrics - they do have a website but it's not very good which is one of the reasons I didn't go sooner. It's about 30 mins from me and again DH indulged me with a trip out there a week ago and it's fabulous! Not only that they do classes so I may find myself there more often!

In fact DH put a few small kits into my basket when we were there so I truly do have one in a million!

Other than maybe popping back to Village Fabrics to introduce a friend to their delights I am going to try and be good between now and June as I have more than enough projects to get done for Lia's room. In June it'll be my annual crafters weekend away which coincides with a trip to at least one quilting shop. Then in July we're holidaying for a week on a farm that has a quilting shop on site. Those kind of holidays can get very expensive!


Paula said...

It looks great.

Shebafudge said...

The bag looks great! And lovely stash by the sound of it too.

How did the school visit go?

Kathy A. said...

That is a lovely bag. You have done a very nice job.


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