Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Da Da Daaaaaaaaa (da da da, da da da)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009
I just got us tickets to see War of the Worlds at the O2 Arena in June. DH is a huge fan and we missed seeing it last time it was on so when a colleague mentioned she was going I just had to get tickets. I've even booked the babysitter (Mum).

Before we had Lia (and nursery fees) we'd go to several shows a year in London but it's so expensive - tickets aren't cheap for a start and then you add on train fare, food etc, and we just don't have the disposable income we used to.

We do have a local theatre (which we do attend) but for me it's the big shows that I like and often who is starring in them. Plus London is fun. At the moment my wish list includes Wicked, Oliver and Joseph and I'm hoping that we manage one at some point this year. We usually go and see something around my birthday (April) but now we've got the WOTW tickets that's not going to happen. Plus I'm on a quilting course the day before my birthday...

In other news, I'm still stitching up a storm and my rotation is going well. Lizzie*Kate have the Boo Flip its border chart on their site now so I spent yesterday evening getting started on that. I'm still waiting for the charts to arrive but they should be here by the weekend (fingers crossed) as I'm itching to get started on them. We have friends coming to stay for the weekend so I won't get too much done but hopefully I'll manage a little bit of stitching.



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