Sunday, 4 January 2009

Rotation Substitutes

Sunday, 4 January 2009
So, with my Rotation plan finalised I have extended my plans so that I know what I will substitute in after any finishes. In all cases the first named project on the list will be completed before I move on to the second, etc except in the case of Slot 8 the 'Small WIP' rotation where projects will continue to be rotated until they are all complete (I will work on each one for one week a month).

Slot 1 - Christmas Project Rotation
Sleigh Ride - Heirloom Christmas - Santa's Journey Afghan

Slot 2 - Halloween Project Rotation
Scream House - Happy Haunting - Murky Manor

Slot 3 - BAP 1
Cirque des Cercles - Noah's Sub - Dawn Awakening

Slot 4 - BAP 2
Grandma's Thread Minder - Wild One's Alphabet - Tradewinds

Slot 5 - Lizzie*Kate Flip Its
Boo Club - Holidays - Living

Slot 6 - Baubles
Alphabet Baubles - Monthly Baubles

Slot 7 - Bent Creek Series*
Snapperbets - Snapperville

Slot 8 - Small WIP Rotation
Joyful Summer
Charlie is Born
Couer de Brodeuse
Garden Party
Spring Lineup
Four Wishes
Birds of a Feather Dilly Bag
Snowman Trio
Row of Christmas Fairies
Handmade Houses 4
Cottage Garden 2

When the above smalls get down to only five projects I will then include my final outstanding WIPs until they are either finished or slotted in elsewhere. They are:

Lost in a Blackwork Maze
Heaven's Above
Be Attitudes Afghan
Dragon Virtues Afghan
Cut Thru Fairy Hill

* After 2009 I may decide to include Snapperville in my 'Smalls Rotation' and use the Bent Creek slot as a 'new smalls' slot instead but I will review that nearer the time. My main issue is to reduce my current WIPs to under 10.


Beatrice said...

You do have your plate full!
The quilts are stunning!
All the tins and the thread keeper are are a busy stitcher!


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