Tuesday, 6 January 2009

School Part 2

Tuesday, 6 January 2009
Firstly, thanks to those who've left comments with advice or emailed me, it's all been really helpful.

I forgot to put in the previous post that we have an appointment to go and look round the school next door this Friday (but thanks Ginnie and Sharon for suggesting going to have a look). I picked Lia's nursery on gut feeling alone and that's been a success so hopefully my gut will help out this time too.

I also like Sharon's point about how the teachers engage Lia, that wouldn't necessarily occur to me, or to look at the artwork etc that's displayed around. See, there's many things wrong with the www but it's fantastic that people I've never met IRL can help me out so generously.

Andrea, thanks to you too for de-lurking and letting me know your thoughts, I have a feeling I'll end up like a job interviewee asked 'do you have any questions for us' and not know what to say but I have made a mental note to ask about bullying.

DH and I had a long chat last night and I think we both feel that the school next door is our best option as long as neither of us hate it on sight. It's not only the convenience for him dropping Lia off, it's simple if anyone else is doing the pick up / drop off too (ie my Mum if she's staying over). Also in a dire emergency the old lady next door would be able to take Lia in.

At the moment we don't know that many people who live local to us. It's weird I know because we've lived here for 10 years now but neither of us have actually worked in the town we live in. I'm actually looking forward to Lia starting school as I'll be meeting other parents and hopefully get a bit more involved in our local community.

We both hope that sometime in the next 12 - 24 months we are able to change jobs and work locally but you just never know. DH started a new job this time last year and had been hoping to be closer to home but ended up more than doubling his commute time for a job that was too good to refuse!

Dh is still going to have a chat with the GO Church just in case they have any thoughts to add and also to find out about the Greek Sunday School. I've also asked a colleague who's wife is a teacher if she has any words of advice. She is based in the next town over to us but she may know about the school or at least be able to give us some pointers for questions to ask.

I've stopped worrying so much now I have a (basic) plan of action but I'm now more worried about the fact that DH is hysterical with laughter about the fact the teacher showing us around is called Miss Chick. Why are men so infantile??? LOL



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