Friday, 23 January 2009

A pile of pink

Friday, 23 January 2009
So I've just finished washing and ironing all the fabric I've bought over the last couple of months and here's the selection that will be used in Lia's room:

Pink is really not a colour I like at all so I get extra Mummy points for buying such a lot of it!

This one is going to be her curtains:

You can't really tell from the picture but the fabric is very glittery. In fact there's quite a few glittery ones in there which explains why most of this weeks washing is coming out a bit sparkly!

I also got a selection of Christmas fabrics that were on sale:

And finally some red fabrics that were on sale:

This years Christmas quilt is going to be done in blues and snowmen so the Christmas fabrics are for that (yes I know there's a couple of red ones in there but they were cute and on sale...)

As for the red fabrics, it's my favourite colour and I intend to do a red hearts quilt at some point in the future.


Ginnie said...

What lovely pinks... my daughter is nearly 15 and still insists on pink in her room!!! Love the other fabric too, I think red is also one of my favourite colurs.

Paula said...

Great fabric.

Sheila said...

I would have loved that sparkly pink fabric when I was a child - you good mummy!!! Other fabrics are great too.

Beatrice said...

Lovely colours for your DD bedroom and the quilts.

Scully said...

They all look like really lovely fabrics Joy. The dragonfly one is really pretty, I am sure Lia will love the curtains.

Erin said...

I love the dragonflies! I was thinking when I looked at the picture that it must be very sparkly in person. L is going to love it, I'm sure!


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