Thursday, 29 January 2009

January Glooms

Thursday, 29 January 2009
I don't know what it is about January but I always find myself a tad gloomy. You'll be pleased to know that I'm not as upset at work as I was two posts back - the situation hasn't gone away but my over-emotional state has. Thanks for the hugs and positive comments, I know the issue is that the guy in charge knows very little and doesn't like people who make his short-comings obvious but I just wish somebody higher up than him would slap him down a bit.

I have generally been feeling gloomy though - low energy and no real inclination to do much - but I've noticed that the gloom is lifting as the month draws to an end which is great. The upside of the glooms is that I've stitched up a storm this month and have more than achieved my rotation goals for January (but that's another post).

I haven't read much this month though which always makes me feel bad but one of the Stitching BBs I belong to is discussing a reading list and that's enough to start whetting my appetite to get back to it. To tell you how bad it was, I actually spent 10 mins in Waterstones a week or so ago and left without buying anything! I think the last time that happened I was still getting pocket money LOL.

So - looking forward into February and beyond, I'm in a much brighter mood. Today is the first payday after Christmas which is always a good day. A friend is visiting this weekend and I'm going to lead her astray by introducing her to my local quilting shop - not only that I ordered something for her from the US so she owes me the payment - practically free stash shopping if you think about it.

My Mum is coming over to stay for a week which should be nice. We'll still be going to work and nursery but she'll have company in the evenings. We're driving her back at the end of next week as my first quilting course of the year is on Sat 7th. We're also going out for sunday lunch with friends both this weekend and next so my goal of catching up with friends is definitely being achieved.

I know it's a bit early but I hope you all have a good weekend too as I'm unlikely to find time to update the blog other than my scheduled Rotation/Goals post.


Paula said...

Hugs. Hope you have a good weekend and a lovely visit with your mum.

I know what you mean about the glooms in January as I've been feeling it too and I'm also so glad its payday for me too.

karenv said...

Definitely feeling the January Glooms here too. Sounds like you've got some fun plans for the days ahead.

Erin said...

I have to agree that January is pretty gloomy. At least with February (here in Atlanta, GA, USA), you know spring isn't too far off, but January just seems to let winter linger. And it's never too early to wish someone a good weekend! LOL I hope yours is great as well.


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