Friday, 2 January 2009

An Apology

Friday, 2 January 2009
To those of you who aren't interested in my crafting and come here for info on the family, I'm sorry, as the last few posts have been dominated by my reviews, goals and plans and so will the next few be.

As I've mentioned I'm currently very bored at work as I have very little to occupy me and this is dangerous as I end up doing a lot of surfing and my clicky finger can get over-excited which leads to serious bumps off the Wagon.

So, to combat this I've been focussing on my crafting projects and how best to organise my time, hence the extended boring posts you've had to endure with a few more to come.

However, once the days lighten and spring is on the way I intend to get out into the garden and start seriously working on getting it tidied up so I can blog about that project. We're also going to start taking Lia to dancing lessons in a couple of weeks so no doubt that will be a fun topic of conversation as well.

After the last six months we're due some quiet times in 2009 and I'm determined to catch up with old friends more often, especially those we cancelled events with when life got in the way this year. We've already got one holiday booked as we're returning to the Villavin Farm Cottages we stayed at last summer but this year we're filling all three for a week as MIL and FIL, Mum, Sis, BIL, Nieces, Nieces Husband and Great-Niece are all coming too. It should be great fun and hopefully the start of a tradition of family holidays where we all get together.

Also, given a very good friend gets an extremely good discount at Disneyland, we're talking about a trip to Paris sometime in May. Plus there will be the obligatory trip to Greece at some point but it won't be early in the year as MIL is still recovering from the accident.

Oh and of course there's my Stitcher's weekend GTG to look forward to at the beginning of June - our third year!

Strangely this is the first year for six years I don't know anyone expecting a baby or getting married although there's plenty of time for that to change I guess. The biggest thing on the horizon is that Lia will start school in September - I can't believe how fast time has passed!

Obviously the current economic climate could throw us a couple of curve balls, as could life in general, but if I've learnt anything over the last few months it's to appreciate what I've got and to make the most of life.


Beatrice said...

Happy New Year!
It looks like you have some do-able goals. Good luck with them!

Beatrice said...

p/s CdC is beautiful as are the rest of your Wip's


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