Tuesday, 10 November 2009

2010 Stash

Tuesday, 10 November 2009
So it's that time of year when I get all wound up about the stash I've purchased this year compared with my actual output LOL.

I worked hard to reduce my WIP list and did manage to get it down to 23 from 30 which I consider an achievement plus I also had another three finishes. But this still makes my total stitching finishes for 2009 a quite pathetic 10!

Okay, I'll console myself with the fact that since August I've done very little due to a circumstance not exactly in my control but that's still quite a small number for me. And I have certainly increased my stash by more than 10 projects during this year so, yet again, I have mild(ish) guilt.

So, 2010, the year of baby number 2 has to be different. I imagine I will be lucky to achieve anywhere near 10 finishes next year so I am fully determined to keep my stash purchases to a complete minimum. Yes I can hear you laughing at the back but I will just keep reminding myself:

'I have over 100 projects that I am totally in love with and want to complete, I don't need any more!'

I do have three commitments that will continue into 2010 - my Baby Jane BOM that isn't due to finish until April 2011 (eek!), my Tail Feathers BOM which finishes in April 2010 and my SamSarah autoship on the Alphabet Baubles (we're half way through so I imagine they will finish late next year). All other Autoships I signed up for this year finish by mid December.

So, I cannot even think I will manage no new stash in 2010 other than the above mentioned but my intention is to try. Of course having a drop in my earnings whilst on maternity leave will help focus my willpower too LOL.

I have big plans for a total spring clean before the baby comes - not just stash, the whole house - so hopefully I might even ebay some stash and get some funds to pay for the two quilting BOMs. I have pretty much whittled down my charts and kits to things I am determined to stitch at some point but I have an awful lot of hand-dyed fabric that I know I just won't use so that can go.



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