Monday, 30 November 2009

November Roundup

Monday, 30 November 2009
So from my 'do before the baby comes' list I have:
  1. Alphabuddies quilt - made the top
  2. Slash and sew baby quilt - made the top
  3. Stitched Noah's Ark baby quilt - stitched up a storm!
  4. Bag - a christmas gift for my MIL - started
  5. Sue Hawkins book marker for teacher gift - finished
  6. Sue Hawkins book marker for teacher gift - finished
  7. Sue Hawkins book marker for my god daughter - started
  8. Blue christmas quilt - started
  9. Red christmas quilt - started
So not a bad start. I also had a sneaky new start on a Michael Powell mini christmas design but I've put that aside for now and am going to start the Tatty Teddy birth sampler I need to do by Christmas. I really hate the TT designs because of the back stitching but my niece picked one for her first DD so wants a matching one for the second...



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