Sunday, 8 November 2009

Christmas Shopping

Sunday, 8 November 2009
Well I've officially started! My Mum, Sister, Niece and I all pay into a 'Christmas Club' bank account over the year - so 12 monthly payments - and we then get a nice lump sum to pay for Christmas.

I got my payment this weekend so I just put in a very large Amazon order that will cover DH's birthday (Boxing Day) and my Great Niece, Nephew and Godson's Christmas plus some things for me and Lia (just because!)

We don't buy presents for adults in my family as it's so expensive and a bit daft to just be swapping stuff we don't really need. There's enough kids now that it's just easier to buy for them. We do buy for each other and my Mum still and she for us but that's all. We do also buy for the Greeks as they get a bit more offended if we don't get them anything but I leave that to DH to organise.

Lia is getting a bicycle this Christmas and it's already paid for as DH's Grandmother gave some money for Lia a while back. We have a few small bits and pieces for her but I don't see us getting her a big present too, she was spoiled enough last year!

DH wants a telescope but is still looking to decide which actual one he would like. He's lucky because his family all give him money for Christmas and his birthday so he should have a nice sum to put towards whatever he chooses, I'll also give him some money too but have got him a book and DVD so he does at least have something extra to open on the day.

Now I just have to turn out my 'toy store' cupboard to see what's there that I can give out as gifts - I buy things over the year in the sales so I can usually cover at least half of the kids gifts I need from that.



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