Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Oh dear...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009
I've re-discovered the joys of the Wii. I lost two hours last night playing Mario and am totally addicted! I'm wondering if it's too early to take my maternity leave LOL.

I don't play many games - I'm not a shoot-em-up kind of girl for a start - but I love Zelda games and Mario too. The first game I ever played was SuperMario Land on the SNES all those years ago and I've just discovered that it has the same level of addiction for me now as it did then.

Looks like stitching time may be curtailed by yet another 'hobby'! I have been doing a bit - mainly working on the Noah's Ark quilt but with one thing and another I've just not really had time to get my sewing machine out. I'm hoping that next weeks evenings will be spent motoring through some of my projects - if I don't I have no hope of finishing up the things I want to gift at Christmas...



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